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Drugs and Your Teen (co-authored by Dr. Gianni DiVincenti Hayes, PhD)

Drugs and Your Teen offers a quick, easy read of everything you need to know for dealing with your kids and drugs. It offers step-by-step instructions in determining whether your child is experimenting, using, or abusing legal and/or illegal substances, including prescription medications, inhalants, alcohol, and street drugs. You will review symptoms of use and addiction, discussion of pushers and dealers, knowledge of what sources and what risk factors could pull your child into "addiction hell." You'll also begin to understand the stage of abuse your child may be in. Reinforce the responsibilities of parents or guardians; grasp the methods for testing your children in the privacy of your home. You can study information on the prevention of substance abuse and make yourself aware of addiction treatment. You aren't saving the life of just your child--you are protecting the world's future leaders.

I have reviewed Dr. Gianni DeVincenti Hayes, Ph.D. and Michael J. Talley Jr.'s new book, Drugs and Your Teen – All You Need to Know about Drugs to Protect Your Loved Ones. It's a well-organized manual for parents to use while working with their medical and other professionals to help keep their children safe from drug use. It is written in language parents will understand and has sections on the wide variety of questions a parent might face in dealing with this difficult topic. The book covers the background of drug use, detection, drug information, adolescence, the Internet, testing, home issues, and resources.

The authors took a path of writing for a parent who might have specific questions at different stages of parenting and needed to learn about specific concerns quickly and conveniently. They also included reference points, helping direct families to sources of information that are likely to be updated regularly in the future.

One useful feature is the way that the authors wrote the book for three different audiences at seemingly the same time – parents who are working to prevent drug use before it starts, parents who are dealing with a child in the middle of use/abuse, and parents who are trying to intervene at the addiction stage. Information is readily available using the thorough table of contents and the accessible language of the authors. The short topical chapters will be very useful for parents who are pressed for clear information, time to act, and other resources. This book can serve as a useful reference tool for a parent to use as they work to protect their child from drug use and abuse.

John E. Fredericksen, Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools, Wicomico County Public Schools

The Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce has done several projects with Gianni. (Dr. Gianni DeVincenti Hayes, Ph.D.) She has provided excellent, historical accurate depictions of our community in previous joint projects. This latest book uses Dr. Hayes and Mike Talley's expertise in drug testing, and in the programs needed to identify and fight youth drug abuse. Their book will be a great asset to concerned parents.

Bradley A. Bellacicco, Executive Director, Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce