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About Us

Michael Talley, Founder

My name is Mike Talley and I own a company called "Drug Test Consultants of PA". I was part of the corporate world for most of my career. That was a necessity in order to provide for my three daughters and maintain financial stability. As my girls went into their teenage years, they all developed in different directions (no surprise here). The youngest was always busy and that led me to believe she was doing well. It was not until December 23rd of her senior year that the truth came out. I was called into her high school by the Guidance Counselor and Principal. I was told that they found ten packets of heroin in her locker. One of her friends reported her to the principal. It turned out that she was her only true friend. Needless to say, the police were notified and we were to meet with them at a later date. They expelled her from school and she was only five months away from graduating. This realization was like being hit in the back of the head with a shovel; actually that would have been preferred. I started calling rehab/detox centers. Having no knowledge of these places I just went to the phone book. I ended up checking her into a local rehab center on December 24th for five days of detox. That is the detox time in this facility for heroin. This was my first introduction to the world of drug use and rehab facilities but certainly would not be my last. This world was new to me and I thought she would be "cured" after five days in detox. I was SO wrong. That was seven years ago and the start of relapses, detox centers, rehab institutions, half-way houses, minor police problems, auto accidents and finally a transitional house. Recently, she started a treatment called "meth-a-dose". This minimizes her drug cravings, levels off her highs and lows and her personality and mood swings. We finally had time to work on the real reason she started using drugs. One little discussed fact is that when a teenager is using drugs it delays the maturation process. When a teenager becomes addicted at an early age, their priorities get distorted. Instead of concentrating on the normal sequence of life, their only thought is how to procure their next hit.

I have seen several of her friends die from overdosing on drugs. These teens go to places that would scare most adults. I know this for a fact because while she was in her five day detox, I went to the place in Philadelphia where she bought her drugs. This was an open air market where all kinds of people came to get their "drug of choice". The buyers ranged from young teenagers to adults in expensive cars. Drug addiction is definitely the great equalizer – and not in a good way. All these people have been reduced to a common level due to their addiction. That was my first trip to the depths of that particular netherworld. You can't imagine my level of hate and disgust for the people that allowed my daughter to be part of that life. I didn't know it at that time but once you enter that world, it is part of your life forever. It is a constant battle for sanity.

One of the reasons I started this business is to try to educate parents on the signs of drug use as well as what to do if they find out heir child is a user. Unfortunately, kids get involved in alcohol/drug use at ages as young as 11 and 12 years old. Parents need to understand that this world exists and they really need to discuss drugs and drinking with their kids. Children whose parents talk to them about alcohol/drug use are five times less likely to use. Parents also need to keep their kids busy with good activities and know their friends. This is crucial.

During all my time in this business I came to realize that one fact cannot be ignored – parents are afraid of their kids. I don't mean they fear violence from their kids but they fear confronting them with discussions concerning use of illegal (and legal) substances and questions about what they do when they are away from home. I believe that if I could help one family avoid experiencing the hardships, disappointments, and pain that my family has endured; this venture will be 100% worthwhile. Parents need to know the warning signs so they know when and how to step in and take control of their child's life style before it is too late.

I can be reached at 888-249-6911.